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Substitute Sitters

Just like you, sometimes our sitters have a change in their schedule! There’s a reason why the theater has its fair share of (crazy talented) understudies! Whether it is an audition, callback, or a family emergency, if our sitter is unavailable you are never left without someone to care for them! Take a look at our unique and thorough Sitter Screening Process to see why our sitters are there for you to provide a safe and engaging experience no matter who it is! 

If we ever need to find a sitter to hop in as the booked sitter’s “understudy,” you’ll receive an email confirmation with the new sitter’s name, and a link to their profile will appear on your Dashboard under “My Appointments”! If you have any questions about the sitter, feel free to Contact Us.

Declined Sub Policy

Note: If a sub sitter is found for your appointment and declined, a full credit is issued to the your account. If the rare instance occurs where a sub sitter is not found, you can choose to receive a full refund or credit for the booking.

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