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How to Book Your Broadway Babysitter

Once you have your Membership and your profile is all filled out, you are ready to get started and Book Your Sitter!

Step 1 – Let’s Get Started

Click “Find Your Broadway Babysitter” at the top of our page!

Step 2 – Enter Date and Time

Choose your Date and Enter the Start and End Time! Click Next! 

3 Hours Minimum: You are Welcome to Book for Less than 3 hours, but you will still be charged for the 3 hour minimum.

Step 3 – Your Address

Choose The Address at which the Sitter will start the appointment! Click Next!

If your sitter will be moving locations during the booking, you can put the additional addresses and instructions in the notes at the end!

Step 4 – Who will be there?

Choose which of your children will be at the sit and we will automatically calculate the rate for you!  Then Click “Search.”

CAST PARTY BOOKINGS: If your kids will be joined by kids from another family, you can always add them to the booking by clicking “Add Extra Children,” entering the information, and clicking “Save.”

The new “Cast Party” rate will be calculated automatically after adding the guest kids! 

This option will only appear after you choose 1 or more of your kids for the booking! 

Step 5 – Select Your Sitter

You’ve made it to the Sitter Selection Page! Feel free to browse the available sitters, click on their picture to see their profile, and once you have chosen the sitter you would like to come care for your child, click the “Book for [Date]” button! 

If the unlikely occurrence happens where our system calculates that none of our sitters are available, please email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to take a closer look to find a sitter who matches your childcare needs! 

Step 6 – Finalize Your Booking

Almost there! You’re at the Payment Page. Take a quick look to be sure all the details are correct, choose any extras that you wish to add (our sitters offer a wide range of lessons from Voice, to Dance, and MORE!) add any details the sitter should know (for example if they will be transporting the kids, addresses for where they should be going) and anything else you would like to add! 

Once everything looks good, click “Confirm and Book [Sitter Name]” and you are all set to go! 

You will receive an email once the sitter has seen the appointment and confirmed they will be there! Yay! 

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