• What ages do you provide care for?

    We have sitters experienced in every age! From newborn to those mini-adults in Middle School and high school, we will find you a sitter perfect for you! 

  • Do you provide long term/full time care? Or just occasional, “date-night” sitters?

    We provide both! Our sitters are looking for everything from in-between income for those random needs here and there to full time hours! Since all of our sitters are artists pursuing a career in the arts, the good news is that if they ever have an audition/conflict come up, our entire family of vetted, artistic sitters are there to support you and make sure you have the care you need! Click Here for more information about our Long Term Sitters and Bookings.

  • What if I need a sitter last minute?

    If you are looking for a sitter less than 36 hours before, you can request a sitter by going to “Book a Broadway Babysitter”, entering the date and time and information and selecting your ideal sitter. If the sitter’s availability has changed and they are no longer available, although a sub is not guaranteed for last minute requests we will do everything we can do to find someone for you! For requests under 8 hours before, feel free to reach out by email! 

  • What areas and locations do you serve?

    Sitters are currently bookable in NYC and Chicago.

    In NYC, our sitters can provide care in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Lower Westchester and Public Transportation accessible parts of New Jersey.

    In Chicago, our sitters can provide care to any areas that are accessible by the CTA (L-Train and CTA Buses).

    If you are interested in booking our sitters but live outside of these areas or are not sure if we would be a good fit, feel free to reach out and we would be happy to help.

  • Why do I need to fill out a profile? Who sees it?

    Privacy and personalized care are both a part of making you feel both safe and taken care of! Your profile helps our administrative team get to know you so if there is anything we can help with, we have all the information at our fingertips. It stays private (no families or sitters can see it) until you book a sitter! Our unique system allows you to save all the important information about each child to your profile. Tell us any details your sitters should know to keep them safe. You can even add your kids’ passions so your sitters can get started on the fun the moment they arrive! Once a sitter has confirmed your booking, they will gain access to your profile to provide the best, most personalized care possible and 48 hours before the booking they will be able to see your contact information. 

  • I love that your sitters are artists! Can they give my child a lesson?

    Absolutely! Our sitters love bringing their love of creativity and art into everything they do, and providing lessons gives them a tangible way to share this passion! This can be anything from a voice lesson, dance lesson or acting lesson to piano, yoga, audition technique and MORE! You can request a lesson as an add-on to babysitting or as a Virtual Lesson on its own! 

  • I just need help for a couple of days – can I book without being a member?

    Yes absolutely! As much as we would love for you to become a member of our family, we of course understand that it may not fit your needs just yet. Get started to book your Broadway Babysitter without a membership by clicking HERE

  • So you’re called Broadway Babysitters, does that mean all of your sitters have been on Broadway?

    The imagination, creativity, fun and PIZAZZ of Broadway are absolutely a part of what makes our sitters so wonderful! They are artists and creatives of all different experience levels, from those just starting their career, to veterans of their craft and everything in between! You may meet a past Broadway Jasmine or a future Broadway Jasmine and all of them have the talent and love of art that makes theatre so amazing! 

    Our sitters are designers, actors, writers, stage managers, directors, and MORE. We believe the open hearts and imaginative kindness of artists are what make them such wonderful sitters! They don’t just sit your child in front of the TV – they CREATE a TV show or musical right in your living room! 

  • What is a membership? Are there any hidden fees?

    If you’ve decided we’re a good fit for your ongoing needs (Whether it’s date-nights, full time care or anything in between) we would love to have you as a member of our family. Being a member gives you discounted hourly rates, discount virtual lesson rates, ability to browse all sitter profiles, and priority access to subs and long term sitters.  Click Here For more about our memberships and rates

  • Wait I saw your Sitters are “Personally Vetted and Individually Trained”. How do you hire your sitters?

    We’re so glad you asked! All of our sitters are people we know, or who have been referred to us by people we know. You may have noticed there is no place to ‘apply’ to be a Broadway Babysitter, and that’s by choice! Safety and Dependability are of utmost importance to us and accepting applications through a referral system allows us to keep our Broadway Babysitters family just that — a family. From there, we interview them, check references and background check them. After that, if we feel they would be a good fit to join our family as a babysitter, our team ensures they are CPR Certified and Special Needs trained and gets them set up so that by the time you are booking them, you can feel confident they are a safe, wonderful fit for you!

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Trust and Safety

We take your children's safety very seriously. We only hire the best babysitters who have met our high standards. Here are the different ways in which we protect you and your family:

Every sitter on our site has been trained in CPR and First Aid so that you no matter what happens during you booking, they are prepared to keep your children safe!

Your safety is our upmost priority, so we cover the cost of Background checking all of our sitters before they are even hired so that you don’t have to

You can feel safe and secure knowing we don’t just get referrals — we meet and get to know our sitters in person.

It is important to us that we take care of our family, so we do just that — we keep it in the family! Our sitters are all people who we know or have been recommended to us by people we know!

We stand by our commitment to provide you with the best service ever. Which means our exceptional customer support team is always ready to help.

Trust and Safety

We take your children's safety very seriously. We only hire the best babysitters who have met our high standards. Hover over the icons on the left to learn about the different ways in which we protect you and your family.

Covid-19 Policy

At Broadway Babysitters, our motto has always been “Let Our Family Take Care of Your Family,” and we stand by this no matter what. During this time, as always, we are committed to maintaining safe and healthy environments not only for our families, but our sitters, because we are all in this together.

Lesson Add-ons

Turn a typical babysitting session into an exceptional learning experience! Our babysitters don't "just watch" your kids, they can give them an enriching experience that can include many artistic lessons! All of our babysitters are artists pursuing their careers, many of whom are professional actors, singers, and dancers on Broadway.
Here are some of the lessons that you can add to each babysitting booking:



Idina. Audra. Ben. Katy. No matter who you love, learn to sound like YOU.


Wanna be the next Stevie Wonder? Start with the basics!


We bring the School of Rock to you!


Give ‘em the old Razzle Dazzle!


Swan Lake? No problem. Tie up those ribbons, and plié away!


Got those 42nd street vibes?


Channel their inner Meryl Streep and let them express themselves!

Stage Presence

Turn those kiddos’ shyness into Standing Ovation material!


Our sitters know their way around the Broadway audition scene -- let them share their secrets to success!



Let’s get your Bob Ross on! (Ask your parents what this means.)


Whether it's Vinyasa or Hatha, you can increase balance, build strength, and calm those little minds right in your home!

Much More

We're confident you'll be able to find a creatively exciting activity for your child with one of our babysitters!