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Broadway Babysitters COVID-19 Policy

UPDATE March 4, 2022 Lifting Mask Mandate

After monitoring the decline in cases, increased vaccination status of children and increased boosted status of sitters and caregivers, as of March 7th 2022, Broadway Babysitters will be following the decision of the public school systems and masks are no longer required for Broadway Babysitters. A family or sitter may request a mask for increased protection and safety, a choice made at the discretion and comfortability of the adults present at the booking.

For cancellations due to COVID OR other sickness, it will be credited 100% over 24 hours before, 50% under 24 hours before, and 20% under 4 hours before. We know how unpredictable sickness can be and we try to help where we can!


UPDATE December 19, 2021 Omicron Variant

Due to the sudden surge in positive tests in NYC and information about the contagious nature of the new COVID variant, Omicron, all Broadway Babysitters will be wearing masks while indoors at ALL bookings, regardless of Vaccination Status until further notice . We hope you understand that this is for your safety and the safety of our sitters and other Broadway Babysitter families.

Our Sitters are already encouraged to be boosted, but with this new information we are now working towards a fully boosted sitter team.



As of today, August 27, 2021, ALL Broadway Babysitters are fully vaccinated and follow the CDC Guidelines. We continue to update our policy as we get more information and recommendations from the CDC

Because sitters are vaccinated, if a family is ALSO vaccinated mask wearing is optional it is up to the comfortability of the family and sitter if they decide to wear a mask. If you would like your sitter to wear a mask while babysitting, they are more than happy to do so! Just put it in your booking notes and/or profile!


UPDATE MARCH 29th, 2021

Because so many of our sitters are now vaccinated, we are updating our policy to accommodate this (Exciting!) development.

As of Today, March 29th, 2021, for those families using a vaccinated sitter, it is up to the discretion of the family (and comfortability of the sitter) to decide if they will wear a mask while inside the home at the booking


UPDATE December 7th, 2020

Due to the increase in cases in the greater NYC area, in addition to the below policy, our sitters will now be wearing a mask not only outside, but also inside while babysitting for a family.


At Broadway Babysitters, our motto has always been “Let Our Family Take Care of Your Family,” and we stand by this no matter what. During this time, as always, we are committed to maintaining safe and healthy environments not only for our families, but our sitters, because we are all in this together.

As changes and more information are released by doctors and officials, we will keep this page updated, but it is important as we move forward that there is an open and honest dialogue between our families, sitters and administrative team. 

General Guidelines

In an effort to be as safe as possible, we require our families and sitters to follow the following guidelines: 

  1. Follow all CDC guidelines for preventing COVID-19 
  2. Follow CDC Social Distancing practices as much as possible 
  3. Where a mask or cloth covering when in public that covers both the nose and mouth
  4. Wash and/or sanitize hands and surfaces often
  5. Child or family member present at booking must have been fever and symptom free for 24 hours before a booking
  6. Avoid taking public transportation when possible and follow CDC Public Transportation Guidelines when it is necessary
  7. Notify Broadway Babysitters immediately if you are exposed to someone with COVID symptoms (precautions / actions will be taken accordingly) 
  8. Have open and honest conversation about exposure, comfortability and any personal precautions you wish to take in addition to the CDC guidelines. Please include these personal precautions in your booking message (families) or bio (sitters). 

Please note:  if we are notified that one party has been exposed to or is at risk of spreading COVID-19, the appropriate action will be taken, and this can include cancellation of the appointment. We hope you can understand that every decision we make is for the protection and well being of our Broadway Babysitters Family – YOU! If an appointment must be cancelled for this reason, we will issue a full refund. 

For every booking, our families and sitters will be asked to check a box to confirm the following: 

  • I can confirm that I have not been exposed to anyone who has been diagnosed with, or is exhibiting symptoms of, COVID-19 in the past 14 days, and I have been following the CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19

If you are unable to check the box based on your status, we ask that you refrain from booking (or confirming your appointment) and follow the CDC Guidelines for what to do if you are sick. and when you can be around others after you have been exposed. 

If at any point after booking your appointment but before it occurs, your status regarding exposure changes, it is mandatory to notify our Broadway Babysitters Team immediately so that we can take the proper steps to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy. Unfortunately, this can mean canceling appointments, so we thank you in advance for your patience as we navigate this new, uncertain world of childcare.

Please feel free to Contact Us f you have any questions or concerns.


The Broadway Babysitters Team

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