What is a Recurring / Long Term Booking?

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A Recurring or Long-Term Booking, is when you are looking to schedule the same days and times each with the same sitter or team of sitters. Need some help picking Emma and Junior up from school and bringing them home to start homework every Monday – Friday 3 – 7pm? We’ve got you covered! 

Part of what makes our Broadway Babysitters so wonderful is that as artists and actors they are fun, entertaining, and ENGAGING to your kids. Our sitters don’t sit them in front of the TV — they WRITE and PERFORM a TV Show with your kids by the time you get home! 

However, being an artist can also lead to an unpredictable schedule with auditions and callbacks, so we love to put together a team of sitters who share the days! For example, one sitter takes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the other take Tuesday and Thursday! This way, your kids feel comfortable with sitters they recognize, and the sitters can help cover for each other if an audition comes up! 

With COVID-19 affecting the theater industry, we have more sitters happy to be matched and commit to a family for more days and hours, so a team is less necessary! As Broadway come back , the availability of our sitters may change, at which point we would make sure you either have another sitter added to your team, or we find a sitter who would match your new Childcare needs!

The good news is also that if for any reason all sitters on your team are not available to cover a day, we still have a WONDERFUL Team of Sitters who are right there to help out, so you are never left without someone to care for your kids! 

If you decide it’s a great fit, booking them is as easy as continuing your membership (or Changing to a different one) we will add them to your account as a recurring sitter, and you’ll be able to booking them using our Recurring Booking System.

How to Find a Recurring Sitter

Fill out an Interest Form

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our list is CLOSED for Fall 2022. It is important to us that we be able to provide the best care possible to our families, so we have the closed the list to ensure the highly quality care and service that is a part of our values. If you would like to be notified (and be the first to request) a sitter when we reopen the list, please fill out the form below

Sign Up for a Basic Membership

Once we find a sitter who matches your needs, all you’ll need is a preliminary membership (a basic one is all you need) and we’ll send you their profiles! If you’re then interested in being connected with them via email to set up a time to get to know them, whether it be an email, call, Facetime or in-person booking, let us know and we are happy to make the connection!

Adding them To your Account

If things go well and would like to start booking them regularly, Contact Us and we’ll add the sitter to your account as your recurring sitter!

Booking Your Recurring Sitter!

After our team links your accounts with your sitter or team of sitters, our Recurring Booking System makes it easy! As a member with an active membership, you’ll be able to book up to three months in advance and will only be automatically charged for each booking 72 hours before it occurs. We take care of all the payments from you and to the sitter, and after booking them you’ll be set to go! See the Step by Step of How to Book a Recurring Booking for More information!

Does all of this sound great? The first step is to submit a request for a long term sitter using the form above! We can’t wait to get started and have you join our Broadway Babysitters Family!

Looking for a sitter who can get to you without public transportation, for COVID-19 mindful babysitting? Learn more about our buBBles Program!

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