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Paying Your Broadway Babysitter

To make the process as easy and stress free as possible for you, we’ve taken care of paying the sitters, so once the booking begins it’s all about having a fun, safe, engaging experience (and not about if they take Venmo or Cash). Because of this, paying the sitter is as easy as Booking Your Appointment through our website and you’re set to go! 

The only things you would need to pay the sitter directly (Venmo/Cash/PayPal) for are the following: 

Food/Travel Reimbursements During Booking

  • Reimbursement for meals/transportation you ask the sitter to pay for during the booking

Sitter Transportation

  • Sitter Transportation reimbursement when you live outside of the inner city bus or train (MTA/CTA) accessible area


  • Although tipping is not necessary or expected, if you had an amazing experience  and would like to tip your sitter, feel free to do so! 
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