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Sickness and Illness Policy

If a member of your household exhibits any signs of illness, we ask that you let our admin team know as soon as possible so that we can check with your sitter to ensure they are aware and comfortable to continue with the booking. This can mean anything as “simple” as a runny nose. 

As long as the sick individual has not had a fever within 24 hours and does not have the flu or Covid (for which the booking will need to be canceled to protect our sitters and other families), the continuation of the booking will be based on the comfortability of the sitter.  If they are not comfortable, we will reach out to the other sitters (with all details included) to see if anyone is available and ok with the risk. 

If the individual has flu/covid or a sitter is not found to continue the booking given the details and symptoms, the following credits will be issued: 

  • Over 24 hours before: 100% credit 
  • Under 4-24 hours before: 50% credit 
  • Under 4 hours before: 30% credit 
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