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Rates and Additional Fees

Membership Rates

Check out THIS link for our membership rates and what they include!

Your Hourly Rates

Your Hourly Rate is calculated based on your membership and how many kids will be present during the booking. See Membership Page for details about your membership as well as our other memberships! 

What do I do if  there will be different numbers of children for different times? 

If, for example, 1 child will be there 4-6pm but from 6-9 there will be 2 kids, please choose all the kids that will be present at any point (in this case, both of them). 

Processing Fees

New York/New Jersey Bookings

A processing fee will be added for all transactions that are processed on the site according to and in compliance with all local laws.

Illinois Bookings

A 1% credit card fee will be applied to all credit card transactions. Debit card transactions are not subject to a surcharge.

** Note that processing fees are non-refundable in the case of a cancellation

Concierge Booking

Bookings are made by families through the site using our online booking system. If you would like for the admins to manually book for you, they are happy to do so, and this is considered a “Concierge Booking” and a $10 fee will apply.

If you would like to book a specific sitter you know, we recommend reaching out to them directly to have them open their availability so that you can book on the site. (In cases where families are unable to book for system or logistical reasons, this will be waived)

Multi-Family “Cast Party” Rates 

When you book with another family and add them as friends, your hourly rate (calculated based on your membership and the number of kids) is increased by $5 for our “Cast Party” Rate!

For example: If your hourly rate is $28 for 1 child, $30 for 2 children and $32 for 3 children and you make a booking with your child plus your friends’ 2 children (3 kids total) the booking will be $37/hr ($32 + $5). The Other family does not have to have a membership, but be sure to add their kids as “friends” to your booking!

Late Night Fee or Early Morning Fee

Our Night Hours span from 11pm-8am. The safety of our sitters is important to us, so If a booking falls within this time, a $15 Night (or Morning) Fee  is automatically added to the booking to compensate them for sitting especially late or early. If your booking goes until 11pm or after, or begins before 8am, the fee will be applied – the fee is not refundable. 

If you schedule a booking on our website to not span night hours but something happens on the day of (those pesky subways can get the best of us) and arrive home after 11pm, no worries! The sitter will let us know and we will invoice the Night Fee after the booking is over.

If it falls within the night hours twice, say for a booking that goes from 3am-7:45am, then two fees will be applied)  

Last Minute Booking Fee 

If a booking is requested on our site less than 36 hours before the start of the appointment, a $20-$30 Last Minute Booking Fee will be applied to the Booking Payment (depending on your membership). This is WAIVED for our Concierge Membership!

Additional Lesson Fee 

If you decide to add one or more lessons to your booking (yay!) an additional $40 (for Standing Room) or $35 will be added to your booking payment per lesson. 

Dog Walking During a Sit

We know you love your fur babies as much as your human ones! If you’d like your sitter to walk the dog during their childcare sit, there is an additional $30 flat fee dog walking add-on.

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