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Change Contact Information

For your safety and to ensure we can provide the best possible care, it is important that you fill out all of this information and include at least one emergency contact.  To respect your privacy, your Broadway Babysitter can only see your contact information 24 hours before the appointment begins, and will no longer have access to the information once the booking is complete! 

To view and edit your phone number and emergency  information, go to your “Account Settings” and go to the “Contact Info” tab. Once here, you can  add or change your phone number and add at least one emergency contact below (you can add up to 3). 

To change your email, go back to the Account Settings Page and click “Account Settings” Page and click “Account”. Here, you change your first name, last name and email address we have on file to contact you! 

Preferred Method of Contact. 

We know people use many forms of communication, so if you have a preference, you can let us know here by clicking the drop down and choosing from out options, “Email”, “Phone Call” or “Text Message”. 

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