In addition to our comprehensive COVID-19 Policy, we are also committed to providing an even safer, more health-conscious network and community so that we can all feel as safe as possible.

Enter: Broadway Babysitters buBBles

buBBles is just one element of our COVID-19 Childcare plan. After receiving your interest form, we match families with sitters and other families (if you choose) based on your location, preferences, and childcare needs so that sitters can commute to you without using public transportation, and everyone involved can feel safe knowing the most possible social distancing is maintained. This is also great to fill out if you are looking for a sitter for potential future date-nights so that you know you have someone in (and around) your corner!

This allows you to:

  • Connect with other families with similar aged kids, increase their social skills during this time of separation, and save on Childcare costs!
  • Make your work from home life even more efficient and productive with more time working on those spreadsheets and meetings, and less time cutting up grapes
  • Potentially even being able to “work from home” with the other families in your buBBle!
  • Finally, create a BUBBLE of safety so that you continue the social distancing you’ve been working so hard to maintain

If you are interested in being our part of our Broadway Babysitters buBBle Program or finding a long term sitter, fill out the form below, and we will get back to you with more information and potential matches!